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What they say:

Billye Irwin Johnson 8 months ago - Matt, Thanks for your great words of encouragement. I joined WorldVentures almost 4 years ago and I have been a fan of WorldVentures ever since.  I'm a part time rep so I tell my friends and family about our company and all the great travel. Some people are interested and others are entrenched with the idea that direct marketing, ANY direct marketing, is a scam. 
Oh boy, are they wrong!.Since the WorldVentures product or service (the first sign that a direct marketing company is NOT a scam) is great travel at hugely discounted prices, I had to try it. After almost a week is a 4-star resort in Mexico, I can state that it is the best vacation bargain going. I was there 5 days and 4 nights all inclusive plus a $750 room credit for spa services, side trips and other adventures for a little bit over the cost of ONE night that a person would pay without WorldVentures 
But the company doesn't stop there. The fantastic training and personal development have allowed me to grow both personally and professionally and achieve some of my lifelong dreams. I can't say Thank You to WorldVentures enough for that.

Zach Edwards8 months agoWV has changed my life for the better in so many ways its ridiculous. I'm now totally FREE at least from the timing aspect, meaning I now make all the decisions of what we want to do when we want to do them. Soon (6mo to a year) we won't be make decisions based of money either. My results aren't typical either, but I'm 100% a Product of our training system & I'm proof that anyone who doesn't quit & attends our training events eventually can become the person needed to succeed. 
Now I Earn a BMW, I've been blessed to have the Fulfillment of helping 12 team members qualify for the BMW as well, I've been on 14 DreamTrips & they r by far the best way to travel; dozens of other vacations: met my future fiance & wife & mother of my children; the Marc A ccetta Training taught me its ok to be authentic, really transparent & just be happy with who I am on the inside; the trainings helped me get another huge promotion in Engineering, but better yet WV Helped me retire from my 6-figure Engineering career 35 years early; & MOST IMPORTANTLY, the Lord used this business, its people & trainings to bring me closer to Him.

Felicia Jefferson Maher8 months agoOver the past 3 1/2 years I've been on 14 vacations and have been blessed with a countless number of the most dynamic friends and adventures all over the world. Since Feb of 2011 I've had no fee's and my business has been more than paid for. From that point on it has been a joyful journey of excitement, laughter, adventure, fun and personal growth on the way to financial freedom! I attend the trainings and other personal development because I am developing the Leader I am called to be within and building a legacy for my family and generations to come. It is something that never would've been possible as a Registered Nurse  even in another 20 years.
It's a choice that everyone won't choose to make because they can either not believe it's real or they cannot believe in themselves. This is hands down the funnest way to decrease stress while increasing fun and freedom and investing in yourself by far! I find myself wanting to pinchmyself all of the time. It's real! My lifestyle feels like a dream. I am so, so grateful for WV!

John Heerhold8 months agoI was in 9 countries last year and created some amazing experiences. The people I have met are just the most ambitious, fun loving, principle centered people with huge hearts. The company is lead by executives with that have provided a platform that is second to none.

Johnny Bouchier8 months ago
I joined just over three years ago and have enjoyed building my business and helping others do the same.

Clare Appleyard8 months agoI've been a proud WorldVentures member for over 4 years now. Having been on over 14 holidays in that time, banked some money and grown a tremendous amount from the personal development and business trainings WorldVentures hosts, I can say hand-on-heart that there is no scam in WorldVentures. 
Believing that you can be a millionaire by breakfast is a scam, but put in the work, follow the system and the results will show themselves.

Mark1Matrix6 months agoI just got back from my first national event - United. Having only recently joined WV, and after 30 years in corporate life, I can't say enough about this organization, their training and the quality of the product. And most importantly, the people I get to meet and enjoy.
I visited the corporate HQ, spent some time with key company execs and was blown away by the new compensation initiatives, international expansion, product roll out and technology innovation. Scam? Maybe if you're buying "green eggs & ham", but not if you're a WV rep or member. Just may be the best network marketing company on the planet!

Steinar Husby8 months ago
Fun, freedom and fulfillment - with products of REAL value!!

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